Words from Others

The true measure of a great school can be found in the comments from parents, grandparents, staff, students and the community.
Below are some of the testimonials Seton Catholic School has received.


Parent Testimonials...

"I am the mother of five children that attend Seton, grades Kindergarten through 6th. The children all attended Seton's PreKindergarten program, and then attended public school until the 2012-13 school year when I moved them all in to Seton. The biggest changes I have seen have been with reading and math, and with their religious education. Seton has really pushed all of the children into a more concentrated, structured reading program called Accelerated Reader, and has made it fun for them, making it something they willingly do. It involves reading books and then taking a quiz on the story via their computers. Each book is assigned a value depending on the difficulty and length of the book. The children all have a goal they actively are striving for, which keeps them engaged. In math, the children are challenged in their math skills by doing math activities and doing math challenges against other students (sometimes in other countries) with a computer Math program called Mathletics. This program is accessed at school or (and are encouraged to do nightly) at home. These programs, used for all the students, have been very beneficial to the advancement of my children's learning. It has made visible differences. Seton had made a religious difference in my children as well. They each have religion in their daily curriculum, which has been fundamental in their understanding of their Catholic faith. The children attend Mass weekly, and the homilies the priests give are geared toward the children and have life application themes which the children can relate to and appreciate. Attending some of the Masses myself, it was evident the values instilled into the children, and the bond that was being formed between the students participating in the Mass as a group. In the classroom, my sixth grader has had many moral discussions involving God, and to know these religious talks are possible because of Seton has been very comforting and affirming to me as a parent, and to my choice of changing their school. All in all I have found the teachers, the children, the academics, and the religious qualities Seton offers to be ideal for my children and their education." - Debbie Sottos, Seton Parent

"We are parents of an 8th grader at Seton School. He attended public school for preschool through 7th grade. Towards the end of 7th grade, he approached us with the news that he wanted to attend Seton School for 8th grade. So we scheduled a tour with the principal, Mrs. Jane Barrett. During our visit with Mrs. Barrett, she expressed many things that would help with the academic growth of our son. One of the main points that really stood out was that Seton would better prepare our son for high school because of the higher academic standard that is placed on all academics. Another fact is that teachers take a genuine interest in students reaching their potential and smaller class size means more one on one attention. We were a little nervous about sending him to Seton so late in his school career. The Seton students welcomed him as if he was always there from the beginning. We have found the students at Seton to be friendly and mature. The faculty and families were very helpful as well. We absolutely believe it is a result of the culture that has been instilled by Mrs. Barrett and her staff! We are so pleased with the ending results! Our son was always on the honor roll in the public schools and still continues to carry on with his high honors! He has become more driven with his academics and more mature. He did tremendous with the challenges that were presented to him. As a result, he has become a better person. The teachers at Seton should truly be commended for helping their students to achieve their goals. The entire experience of being part of a family like Seton has been rewarding for our entire family!" - Raul and Connie Cervantes, Seton Parents

"If you are looking for a school with quality teachers, committed and caring administration, and a community always willing to help others, we highly recommend Seton School. As parents of four children who have attended Seton since Kindergarten and who are now high school and college students, we have experienced the depth of commitment that the teachers and administration have for the students and their families. We have watched our children grow and develop through their elementary and middle school years. It is evident the values this Catholic school education has instilled in our children and has made them responsible and accountable. We are extremely happy we chose to send our four children to Seton Catholic School." - Rhonda and Dan Hogan, Seton Parents


Teacher Testimonials...

"I have had the pleasure of working at Seton Catholic School for four years. I completed my student teaching in a third grade classroom and have taught first and sixth grade classes. Seton is unique in the camaraderie of the faculty and staff. All teachers work together to make Seton a successful and positive learning environment to all students. Of course, the main reason why I love going to work every day is to teach the students. My motto is "to teach from the heart, not from a book." I focus my teaching methods on utilizing technology through Internet and SmartBoard use, and emphasizing the importance of note taking, organizational skills, and having fun while learning. I am thoroughly blessed to be working at Seton. The students are the reason why I love coming in to work every day. My goal is to help each student succeed to their own potential academically and encourage them to grow in their own Catholic faith journey as well. It is such a rewarding experience to witness this process first hand. I am so lucky to have worked here for these past few years. I hope for many more years to come." - Mrs. Megan Ahlgren, Seton Middle School Teacher

"I feel very fortunate and proud that I have been a part of the Seton community for the past 15 years. As a teacher I have had the privilege of working with a group of highly motivated, qualified and dedicated professionals whose Christian values are incorporated throughout each day. My faith is important to me, and Seton has provided an opportunity for me to give back to the faith community. I am proud of the involvement of parents and the relationships and teamwork between the staff and students. Good communication between school and home is essential for a student's success, and the families at Seton recognize this valuable factor. At Seton we have the enormous benefit of the utilization of both faith and academics that allows me to help each child grow spiritually as well as academically. I have been able to teach the whole child which goes beyond academics into the emotional, spiritual and social issues that our students are dealing with. We set high expectations for our students and encourage them to act as good Christians. I feel so blessed to have worked with so many wonderful students that have touched my life with such enthusiasm and compassion. How lucky I've been the past 15 years!"  -  Mrs. Christy Layer, Seton Elementary School Teacher

"How many people can say that they can't wait to go to work each day, that they sincerely enjoy the people they work with and that they believe what they do really make a difference in someone's life? This is what teaching here at Seton means to me. Not only am I privileged to work each day in a faith filled atmosphere, but I also have the opportunity to interact with great young people. I love teaching in the Middle School. It is very rewarding to me to watch my students grow both spiritually and intellectually into responsible young adults. There is also nothing more gratifying than seeing my former students become productive members of our society. God willing I will be able to continue to follow my life journey here at Seton and in the process watch my grandchildren grow in this wonderful Seton community."  -  Mrs. Pat Voss, Seton Middle School Teacher


Seton Graduate Testimonials...

"I wanted to write you and give you and all the English teachers I had at Seton a huge compliment. This morning I was sitting in my Legal Research & Writing class, which is a class every first-year law student would take in some capacity. We were going over our upcoming assignment, an office memorandum, and a majority of my classmates were very much struggling with not the legal reasoning but the basic grammar and elements of sentence structure. Our professor told us not to worry and that every year this is a huge struggle for classes and that the only people who do well right off the bat are the ones with a strong background in diagramming sentences. So, I'm sure you get a lot of students griping about diagramming sentences and English homework in general (I'm sure I was one of them) but even at a post-graduate level it is an imperative skill to have and has continued to help through undergrad and now law school. I couldn't forget even if I tried, about Mrs. Spriet, Mrs. Moreno and all my English teachers hammering in my mind about the importance of simply, good grammar. It has put me ahead of the class in this course in particular and my solid foundation of education at Seton, is a big reason why I was able to get into law school at all. So thank you SO much for early on, preparing me for everything I'm facing now!" -  Seton Graduate, Class of 2004

"I am grateful for the quality education I have received at all levels, but none more so than the primary education I received at Seton Catholic School, which stays with me to this day. It supremely prepared me for my eventual career as a physician in the United States Air Force. My knowledge of the basics has proven time and time again to be above the level of my peers at all levels of education. Not only do I feel that I received a premier academic education, but also a Christian one. The strong morals, values, and faith that Seton instilled in me can only occur when emphasized on a daily basis. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Seton Catholic School to any family seeking a well-rounded education complete with a Christian emphasis"  -  Seton Graduate, Class of 2000


Student Testimonials...

"At Seton we work hard to get our work done. Sometimes we work at school if we have a study hall. As we go up in the grades, our work gets harder and harder. But we still put our brain on it!  We Seton students have determination. Everyone tries hard to get good grades. We are also determined to be nice to each other by using an anti-bullying program. In sports, we work hard to win and have fun playing. Our students like to work together for good causes. An example would be when one of our students was very sick with cancer. We had bake sales and "wear what you want" days to raise money for him. Of course, we also prayed hard for him to get better. Here at Seton we show our faith in God by going to Mass every Friday and on special holy days. The last week in January we celebrated Catholic Schools Week by having fun activities. Seton students are great at showing good sportsmanship. Examples of good sportsmanship include going to our classmates' games to cheer them on and attending Alleman sporting events to cheer for them. Seton prepares us for high school by helping us with good study habits and by giving us the confidence to be successful in life. The teachers encourage us to do our best in the classroom and work with us to improve our skills. The teachers make sure we have everything we need to learn and excel. Our teachers really do care about their students and preparing us for high school and beyond. I feel very lucky to attend Seton School."  -  Seton Student

"Seton is a place for faith and friends. I have made numerous friends at Seton and developed a life of faith and prayer. I like the fact that we get to pray for each other openly. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to pray at school every day. Through prayer and religion we learn so much. Values are a big part of Seton. From the first day every year I have learned NEVER hurt someone on the inside or out. I have also learned to be respectful and kind to my teachers, principal, the staff, volunteers, as well as all of the students. We are like one big family here at Seton. Friends are also a big part of my life. At Seton I feel like everyone is so friendly. There is always a shoulder to cry on, or someone my age to talk to. In return I try to do the same. The students here at Seton are usually very high spirited, but there may be times when someone feels sad and in need of a friend. If anything is really wrong and any student needs someone to talk to but doesn't feel they can talk to their friend, they can talk to a teacher, staff member, or the principal. At Seton we really do show friendship and faith. We as a school form one big family, and it is difficult when a friend or anyone for that manner leaves Seton. When and if they come back it is always so exciting, and when someone new comes to Seton everyone is nice to them. New friendships are something to treasure, but old ones can never be replaced, and at Seton that is exactly the way it is."  -  Seton Student

"Seton Catholic School has many programs. One of the many programs at Seton is the P.R.I.D.E. program. This program teaches students to be responsible, respectful, and reliable. P.R.I.D.E. stands for People, Respect, Involvement, Dedication and Excellence. The P.R.I.D.E. program helps students set personal goals, and it provides a feeling of accomplishment. Responsibility means to do the right thing even when nobody is watching. Being responsible is important because good choices can lead to good outcomes. For example by studying for a test, I am showing responsibility, and I will hopefully have a good outcome such as a good grade. Respect is when you admire or honor someone for what they have done. When a student is respectful to a teacher, it starts a chain reaction because when you see someone doing something positive, you want to do it too. Respect helps with communication. Reliability is when you can count on someone to always be there for you. The students of Seton Catholic School are reliable and are able to help one another. If a school community can rely on each other, it becomes a better place. The three Rs of Seton Catholic School make a proud and strong community working together for the success of everyone."  -  Seton Student


Community Member Testimonial...

"This morning my wife and I had a wonderful experience at the Village Inn Restaurant in Rock Island. We were sitting in a booth at that restaurant when a group of middle school-aged students came in. There were at least fifteen of them. They were well-dressed and very well-mannered. They were not loud. They sat, conversed in normal voice tones, and ate their breakfasts. We sat just a few tables away from them, and were totally amazed at their behavior - especially since there was no adult with them to supervise them. I am a former junior-senior high school principal for eleven years from another state. And I can tell you that these students were vastly more mature than a large percentage of students I worked with during my tenure. We asked the manager of the Village Inn what school the students came from and she told us it was Seton, and the students were eighth graders. As the students left, many of them personally thanked the help staff for their service. As my wife and I left the restaurant, we saw a few of the girl students talking to each other. I stopped and asked them if they were members of an athletic team. One of the girls told me no, and that they had been to Alleman (High School) and stopped for breakfast after that. I told them that I was most impressed with their overall behavior, thanked them for that, and told them I felt good about their leadership potential for our country.

Whatever it is you are doing at this school, continue to do so. You have worked great magic on the fifteen students we saw today. And for that, my wife and I say thank you so very much for doing so"  -  Moline Resident